Don’t Know How She Does it Group

For moms who want to go from feeling chronically guilty and overwhelmed to empowered and in control.


In this country of motherhood we are often overwhelmed and running on “E”. The struggle is real- you have a seemingly never-ending list of responsibilities. You try so hard to put on that brave happy face for the kids, your partner, your colleagues- but deep down you feel drained. Exhausted. Spent

As mom’s we have been there- for sure. When you try so hard to help everyone around you- the kids, the spouse, the job. You are constantly trying to please others and despite the amount of energy you spend doing so you routinely feel alone, stressed and underappreciated

We get it, we’ve been there. You know that place where you find yourself snapping at the children, cutting corners at work and really just feel stuck in survival mode. You have no energy left to enjoy down time with the kids, or God-forbid to take care of you

I know you’re thinking right now: Yes Jamie. I am struggling with all this but as you said “I have no time or energy for anything else and I am too crucial to back away from my responsibilities.” Yes. But it is because you are so CRUCIAL to the wellbeing of your family that you NEED to take care of you.

You see, a lot of the time the mother is like the ship of the family and the other members are crewmates aboard the ship. If the ship is damaged, worn and not maintained; everyone goes down with the ship. 

Benefits of joining Don’t Know How She Does It:

  • Learn how to effectively communicate what you need from those around you

  • Improve communication skills so that you can feel closer in your relationships and that your feelings/needs are both understood and respected by those around you

  • Gain support and accountability from peers and increase your social circle

  • Be able to identify your own strengths and value

  • Learn concrete skills to manage your anxiety and enabling tendencies so that you are not constantly running to put out fires

  • Learn to accept appropriate responsibility rather than taking on the responsibilities of others


Don't Know How She Does It Group