Millennials in Mourning

For Millennials (and Zoomers) who have experienced the death of a parent or parental figure.

Let’s face it – losing a parent absolutely sucks. There’s no respectful way to put it without lessening the impact of it all.

Sometimes you seem to be doing fine. You’re going to school or work. You’re maintaining relationships. You’re taking care of yourself, at least the basics. You’re doing everything you’re supposed to be doing. You want to feel happy. You’re exhausted by feeling the complex emotions of grief. But alone you just can’t shake off the feelings, and you’re finding it harder to feel connected to others because it seems like you’re alone.

You’ve tried your very best to feel better. Maybe you’ve read some books on bereavement, or you’ve been forcing yourself to socialize even when it would feel so much easier to stay home to binge Netflix. Perhaps you’ve taken up a hobby. You may have even gone to see a therapist a few times but you’re finding they don’t really “get it” either (sure, it’s one thing to learn about bereavement in graduate school, but experiencing it is different).

Perhaps you feel like a burden on your friends and family. You want to talk about your mother or father, but you’re afraid of coming across as negative. You don’t want to be the dark cloud in an atmosphere of sunny people.

You are not alone.

There are people like you – people who lost their mother, father, both parents, or another parental figure. They’re out there.

And we all have one common goal: To feel happiness again even after being faced by a profound, life-changing loss.

Benefits of joining Millennials in Mourning:

  • Join others who have experienced parental loss in a loving, friendly setting. A place where you will feel supported and heard, where compassion is freely offered from others through mutual respect and kindness.
  • Learn the coping skills to heal in your bereavement, cultivate new memories, and embrace life after loss.
  • Talk about the challenges and milestones of our age group that can feel more difficult to navigate without parents, such as buying houses, having children of our own, and getting married.
Millennials in Mourning
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