Jillian Martino, CAT-LP

Hi! My name is Jillian. In my spare time I love spending time outside and being in nature. I am super interested in spirituality and all things metaphysical. I often use these practices in my day to day therapeutic work. I’m a huge fan of anything creative and expressive. I’m not a fan of closed mindedness since everyone has something to teach us even the most unlikely people. I am pretty easy breezy and look forward to the opportunity to be able to witness your growth and support you in it. I know therapy can be hard but I promise to meet you where you are and let you set the pace of your therapy.

I love working with young women and teens who find themselves trapped in toxic family patterns or relationships that make them feel stuck. I also love to work with those who have experienced trauma, those who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. I myself am a part of LGBTQ+ community as well am a Latina woman and have faced vast diversity due to it. I always love the opportunity to support those in my community and others through these experiences. I have also experienced trauma within my family dynamics and personal relationships and realize the need for support through these experiences. One of my favorite things to work through with my patients/ clients is feelings of shame and self-worth, these are the base tools to help us begin truly seeing ourselves fully. I know what it’s like to sit with the shame we feel for ourselves due to our trauma or past experiences, but I also know this shame can be a gift to rediscovering ourselves with the right support. I have felt lost and broken before but through the self-work I have done I have found empowerment through my past. I know how hard it is to sit with the pain and discomfort of our past, but I know together we can find a way to have you feeling comfortable in your skin and seen. We will work on things like boundaries, self-esteem and learning how to listen to our pain without feeling overwhelmed by it. I know it seems scary and impossible, but I am letting you know now you can totally move through this just need a tiny bit of guidance and validation of your experiences. I’ve been there and I can help you find your way back to yourself.

I attended Long Island University for my Masters in Clinical Art therapy. I interned at NUMC and had extensive work with adolescence and acute psych of both adult males and females. After that I worked in substance abuse for a while as well as volunteered at various organizations giving free therapy to Veterans with PTSD as well as working with the homeless population at the INN in Hempstead. Not only that but because I’m an art therapist we will also use art to dive even deeper into some of those heavier emotions because feelings can be heavy to say the least and art never judges. I am also certified in various holistic modalities such as reiki, past life regression therapy, meditation and so on. I’m excited to help you find out what works for you and your healing. I can’t wait to help you through your growth, it’s going to be beautiful.