Jamie K Vollmoeller, LCSW, CCTP

Hi there! I’m Jamie (pronouns: she/her). I love going for long hikes with my son and husband. I love picking wild berries and making homemade pie, if you have not ever had a huckleberry I am telling you- you are missing out. My favorite season is fall! I love pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin picking (and carving), apple picking and of course the view of those beautiful changing leaves. I also still pull out my old Nintendo 64 from time to time and kick-butt at Super Smash Brothers and Mario Go-Kart. 

I love working with children, teens, and young adults who are angry at the world. After my own experiences with difficult family dynamics, bullying and stressful expectations, with the help of an amazing therapist, I realized my life was mine to live. There were times were I felt so low, confused and hopeless I was not sure I would make it out. I know how hard it is to feel like you have no say in your future while trying to live up to everyone’s expectations – especially when those plans aren’t the plans you have for yourself. Maybe you feel you have made mistakes you cannot come back from or you struggle with that inner voice that says, “no one really cares about you so why even try?”  I’ve been there and I can help you learn to express what you want to those around you in a way that does not isolate and ostracize you, while moving towards your own goals and dreams.

I got my Master’s Degree in Social Work from Silberman School of Social Work at CUNY Hunter College, with a specialization in Clinical Practice and Health & Mental Health. I worked with at-risk youth since the start of my career in home, school and residential placement settings. I am excited to be able to continue to help the bright, strong, and passionate youth of today heal from past hurts and begin feeling comfortable in their own skin.