Finding Hope Group

Moving childhood sex abuse survivors from guilt and shame to empowered and thriving. 

You were abused as a child. You told yourself you would not let it affect your life. If you don’t think about it, if you bury it deep down, it can’t hurt you. 

But for years it pops up. The cycle repeats in endless abusive relationships. It continues to shape how you see yourself, your capabilities, your ability to be loved, your worthiness of having a good life

No matter how many times you push it away it creeps up in nightmares, flashbacks and a chronic internal voice that spews hate, disgust and self-doubt on the regular.

It prevents you from trusting others around you. You feel detached from loved ones and despite therapy, self-help books, and the like you still hold on to the guilt and shame. Thinking to yourself “why me?” You feel alone, defeated and hopeless.

We are here to tell you: You are NOT alone.

Benefits of joining Finding Hope:

Safe space to share your story, your courage, with women who have all been there and understand.

-Provides education around trauma and the impact of abuse. So you can understand why these patterns persist and begin to heal.

Learn healing tools and strategies to manage anxiety, flashbacks, and dissociation.

-Obtain a general understanding of shame as a trauma response. As well as tips and resources on how to combat shame.

-Learn how to coexist in a positive way with intrusive trauma responses.

Finding Hope Group