Chelsea Majallali, Intern

Hi, my name is Chelsea (she/her). I am a Long Island native who loves to cook, travel, spend time near the water, and learn new creative skills. My latest endeavor was learning to sew! I have a son who is under a year old. Spending time with him and my husband is very important to me. We love to be outside together and travel with our son to visit friends. The farthest trip he has made so far was to San Diego at 3 months old! As a new mom, making time for myself is very important. To relax I love to read, watch documentaries, and ride my bike. I mentioned that I like to cook – for me, nothing is more relaxing than taking on a new recipe or long cooking project on a Sunday afternoon.

I have an interest in working with individuals, from teens through adults, who have experienced trauma and want to heal, thrive, and enhance their lives. I know from personal experience that trauma doesn’t need to be a huge, obvious negative experience to affect people. Trauma is experienced differently for everyone, and even small traumas can create mental health roadblocks that might inhibit us from living the most fulfilling versions of our lives. I’m extremely interested in exploring generational trauma and working to heal patterns of behavior. My family history and personal experiences with trauma are what drew me to this field. As a new mom I also have experience with the challenges of the postpartum period. This is a new area of interest that I hope to learn more about so that I can help individuals through what can be a difficult time.

I am a clinical mental health counselor in training earning my master’s degree at Antioch University. I am focused on working with clients from a trauma-informed lens. I am taking an integrative approach to my work and will utilize narrative and existential therapies, cognitive behavioral techniques, as well as mindfulness and creative approaches. I am comfortable addressing issues of anxiety, depression, trauma, self- esteem, relationship challenges and more. If you choose to work with me, you can expect a space where your feelings and experiences are validated while we work together to examine those that are challenging or not currently serving you. Overall, it is my hope that we can collaborate to cultivate more presence in your life, and in relationships – both with yourself and others.